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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

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Why would they draw everything from a single source? We've had decades' worth of comics adaptations on TV and film that have drawn from multiple sources. The previous Marvel movies have often drawn on a mix of 616 and Ultimate antecedents -- like the Raimi movies using a genetic-engineering origin for Spidey's powers but recreating Lee and Ditko's J. Jonah Jameson almost perfectly. Batman: The Animated Series drew on both pre-Crisis and post-Crisis elements and storylines. And so on. By now it should be perfectly clear that adaptations can draw on anything from the source material. It's not about copying any pre-existing continuity, it's about creating a new interpretation of the characters and their world. So anything that came before, regardless of what continuity it came from, is fair game.
QFT. One of the very best examples of this in animation is Young Justice, which is a seamless distillation of over 50 years of the DC universe plus a number of new spins that works as a cohesive and independent whole.
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