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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

Well the "Face it Tiger, you hit the jackpot" line is iconic and her first line we really see out of her mouth in the comics when she's finally revealed.

I know there's nothing wrong with a non-supermodel MJ but why are so many other elements of Spider-Man slavishly adhered to and not that? I mean people moan and groan when the costume doesn't look like the classic (and now complain that it looks to close to the Raimi version). Gwen looks like she stepped out of a Romita comic. Even when you think of our only other comics red head - Black Widow - they did integrate her more glamourous side into the character we got in the movie.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with a non super-model MJ it's just... hey she was a model and actress in the comics for almost 30-40 years - nearly as long as she's been around. The ore "brainy" MJ is still fairly 'new' - even if it's a concept that's almost 10-13 years old at this point.

I AM, however, a little concerned about how they're going to work in Osborn. since yes, ASM did sort of imply that he was not in good shape - so I was actually almost expecting an older actor - who may have 'regressed' into a younger one because of the Goblin serum. I DO hope they keep his personality aspect as a schemer, planner, and mad genius intact and not just a crazy businessman who got a whacked out form of the Super Soldier Serum and wore a Power Rangers costume because he got high on his own supply.
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