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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Voy got off to a bad start with me as Kim makes a pretty off-colour comment to Quark, Quark calls him on it (then tries to milk the situation for personal gain) then Paris rescues him and they round the scene off with Paris making the same joke.

Its almost as if they were trying to send the message "hey, it's fine to be racist so long as the person you're being racist about can't hear your racist comments"

Also later in the episode they trade the precious commodity of water with dudes with huge spaceships.
Hey guys here's an idea, ; maybe go fly to a planet with water if you have such a shortage?

And then just when you're worried the series is going to have too much subtlety to connect with an audience, they have the lead kazon dial up the bridge after the battle and say "you have made an enemy today!"

Gee, thanks for pointing that out; wasn't really sure with all that shooting at us you did.

And so began 7 years of the show under rating its audiences intelligence levels. ..
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