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I said this elsewhere, but there have actually been very few instances in adapted, non-literature media where MJ has been portrayed as the 'hot model chick'.

In fact, the only instance I can think of off the top of my head is the 1994 FOX cartoon.
The version of MJ in the Spectacular Spider-Man animated series fit the comics' template pretty well -- stunning, gregarious, glamorous, flirtatious, but kind and supportive. (On that show, Gwen was the bookish, nerdy one.) Like the '94 series, SSM introduced her the same way the comics did -- having Aunt May mention her for weeks and Peter being convinced she'll be unattractive, then having the big "Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot" reveal.

I'd say the version in the 2003 CGI series was sort of a cross between the movie and comics versions of MJ; the show was nominally a continuation of the first Raimi movie (though the second and third movies contradicted it), but its MJ was a model as well as an actress, and her character design was rather more, err, front-heavy than Kirsten Dunst.

There's also MJ's first appearance in an episode of the '60s cartoon, where she's portrayed as a ditzy, leggy go-go dancer (and Captain Stacy's niece!).
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