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Re: "The Offspring" Line-by-Line

Data: She studies in our quarters. Lal requires very little supervision. She is quite self sufficient.

I know I missed this one, but I spent a few minutes working this up specifically, so I'm posting anyway.

Second Officer's Science Log Supplemental. Training in social skills at the most elementary level has begun. Lal is progressing very slowly but is not deterred by early Setbacks.

Data and Lal are in Ten Forward, Data demonstrates drinking from a glass, Lal takes a sip, but does not swallow and the liquid drools out of her mouth.

While motor coordination has improved 12%, reflexes still need to develop.

Data, Wesley and Lal play catch in a corridor, Data throws to Wesley, who makes the catch, then throws it to Lal. The ball bounces off her shoulder and she raises her arm to catch the ball about 2 seconds too late.

Visual comprehension is especially difficult for Lal. Translating her vast databanks may improve with additional transfers. She is also learning to supplement her innate android behavior with simulated human responses.

Lal sits at Data's desk, watching the desktop monitor cycle through information. Data interrupts her and demonstrates blinking. She understands and blinks a lot when Data returns her to watching the viewer.

And it is interesting to note that as I observe Lal learning about her world, I share in her experience, almost as though I am learning things over again.

Back in Ten Forward, Lal successfully eats a dessert from a spoon. Data is about to help her wipe her face, she stops him and courteously wipes her napkin. Data is visibly surprised.

Later in the Lab,

Data: The transfer itself is fairly simple. Each neural pathway in my brain is duplicated precisely in hers. Theoretically, the duplicate brains should be able to store and process the same information but until all transfers are complete, we will not know for certain.
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