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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

Christopher, thank You very much for reply. Your books and Vanguard series looks absolutely great!

@Therin- Well I'm not looking for totally unscathed list, I simply assumed, that there is at least partially organized list or something resembling the novel universe much like the one for 24th century Trek. And I was asking, because I read some of TOS novels from the 80's which were published in Czech republic in early 90's and most of them were pretty terrible. (as well as first 12 or 13 numbered TNG pocket book series and they were also mostly complete garbage - Roman centurions from Bread and Circuses (I dont know, why would anyone wanted to do a sequel for this episode) as Starfleet officers on Constitution class starship in 24th century or made up powerful alien races which are supposedly major players in alpha quadrant, but just in a single novel and other stuff I hate in tie-in novels)
So I'd like avoid this type of novels as much as possible. But I think that for now, Vanguard novels are exactly what I was looking for.
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