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Re: Anyone Like the "Inaccurate" Book Cover art from the 1980's?

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Accuracy issues aside, there's this foggy look to the artwork, which is really evocative, I think. Gives the picture a larger-than-life quality. Dwellers in the Crucible, The Final Reflection, The Wounded Sky and so many others, have this hazy quality that is haunting. It's also a bit fantasy-ish, which, although I know Star Trek is generally more properly considered Science Fiction, the old show seems significantly less Hard Sci-Fi these days, with some of the concepts it explores and the way it does so.
Well, the covers you mention are all by Boris Vallejo, one of the most prominent fantasy cover artists of the past few decades. So it's no wonder his style would strike you as "fantasy-ish."

It seems to follow that there's room for having it's own visual identity of oddly mixed elements.
You left out the use of Battlestar Galactica ships on the covers of The Romulan Way and TNG: Ghost Ship. Talk about an odd mix...
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