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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Finally saw Q-Who

If the FX team argued they spent most of their time on this episode and neglected a few others, I'd believe them as I actually thought they did a good job on this one.

They even fixed stuff like ensuring the charging "pulse" before the phasers fired was on every phaser shot, which correct me if I'm wrong doesn't really happen in the original ep.

Explosions when the Enterprise unleashes its Firepower on the cube (at last!) are nicely tooled up too, this time you finally get the impression they're doing some damage.
Great improving of the Borg transporter and the way the defeated borg kinda dissolved was a neat touch too.

Aside from the re-mastering, seeing this ep again after all this time made me realised just how padded it was....
It's a lot talkier than I remember, particularly the start when you have Ensign Sonia Gomez throwing her hot chocolate all over Picard, Picard going missing and then Q and Guinan coming to a head all before we get anywhere near the Borg....

Also it may be an 80s thing but I can't get over the Enterprise suffering serious damage from being carved up by the Borg, the Enterprise being fortunate enough to shoot it into submission then Picard standing there and ordering everyone into a conference.
Either keep firing or run, don't just sit about in the same location talking about what you're gonna do, sheesh.
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