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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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Was Monday's JR's exit / last episode? One minute has was looking at silly internet videos, then he vanished. Interesting that he went from knowing nothing of tablet technology one minute then became an expert computer hacker the next. Obviously he had some kind of help... just wondering if he'll end up dead in a puff of smoke next Monday night.
Monday was the last time we'll see any new footage of Larry Hagman. The scene with him learning how to use his tablet was cut from one of the earlier episodes this season before Hagman died. (There's another scene in a previous episode where he's using the tablet and seems to know what he's doing with it, though you're right that someone else hooked him up with the virus.)

I might stop at season 8... I've read/heard the quality declines sharply after Leonard Katzman leaves the show... and there's no way I'm investing time in the bullshit 'dream season!'
The Dream Season is frustrating but ultimately worth watching because there's a lot of good storylines — Sue Ellen going through the agony of detox rather than simply willing herself not to drink (which she does in Season 10 after the reset); Ray and Donna adopting a deaf kid; and some of Victoria Principal's best work on the show. Even the utterly ridiculous cat-and-mouse game involving J.R. and Angelica Nero has its moments.

A little blurb about next week's show in the Washington Post, sadly we won't get anything next week and have to wait until the 11th of March:

"In “Dallas'” March 11 episode — called "J.R.'s Masterpiece" — the Ewing clan reels upon hearing of J.R.'s death, and is even more shocked to learn the cause, TNT promises. Goody!"
There actually will be an episode next week, titled "The Furious and the Fast", but AFAIK we won't see any footage of Larry Hagman.
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