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Re: CSI: Star Trek!!!!

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ACT 1: Scene 1
Commander Murphy, Lieutenants T'Pell and Oxaal arrive on the site of a brutal murder, a human woman lies in a pool of her own blood. T'Pell opens her tricorder and takes a scan.

T'PELL: Sir, I am detecting Bolian DNA fragments. Their level of degredation indicates that the individual was present at the time of the murder.
MURPHY: Compare it to the Federation DNA database.
T'PELL: Uploading now. [Seconds later] I have his identity. He has a criminal record for assault and attempted murder on Bolarus.
MURPHY: Murphy to transporter room. Lock onto his signal and beam him to the brig. [Looks at Oxaal] Let's put your Betazoid abilities to the test and then we can put this case to bed.
You forgot the ending of that scene:
OXAAL: I think he may have had an accomplice. Possibly a Vulcan.
T'PELL: I find that highly illogical. No Vulcan would take part in criminal activities in this manner.
MURPHY: Unless the accomplice was...
(puts on sunglasses)
...a little green?

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