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There were some good Klingon characters in TNG and DS9. I wish at least one character that strong had been estabilshed in TOS. I guess part of the problem was the series didn't run long enough for that to happen.
I quite like Kor, Koloth, and Kang, even just based on their appearances in TOS. Granted it may have been better if they had just gone with one Klingon commander who showed up a few times to be Kirk's foil. In fact, wasn't Koloth originally intended to be a recurring character although that never went through? Still, those three characters were great in the one episode they each had.

-- In TMP, they didn't even have names and are out in the first five minutes. Left one wondering, "why even use them?"
Well, Klingons served the story as a means of showing how threatening V'Ger is. Three Klingon ships are no match for this funky cloud, how can the Enterprise possibly fare?

-- TSFS, vile villains, nothing deeper than that.
In all honesty, Kruge certainly isn't my favourite Trek villain, although Christopher Lloyd certainly does an excellent job portraying the character.

-- TFF, it didn't. The thought was dropped, and instead, we get some Klingon goofball in the story.
Yes, the Klingons in that movie are really cheesy, though that is also part of their charm.

-- TUC, a better and more nuanced job using them, but it was the last go-round, too. Too little, too late. And, imagine if it had been Kor meeting up with Kirk on last time, instead of Chang, especially if Kor and Kirk had had more of a history in TOS.
Chang really is a great character, though I see your point, if say Kor had been used three times in TOS instead of two other commanders being created and him and Kirk had one last fight here it could have been quite a profound way to end TOS. Though at the same time, I really can't see Kor, or Koloth or Kang involved in a conspiracy to sabotage peace by framing Kirk and assassinating the Chancellor. Forgive me for trotting this overused term, but they strike me as being more honourable than that.
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