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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

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Fair enough. But Arsenal deserved to get reamed. He needed to be checked, right then. Perhaps Nightwing could've handled it a bit better, but I can understand why he did it.
Nightwing was the moron who put Arsenal on the team in the first place despite the fact that he was mentally unstable and had previously tried to kill Lex Luthor. Dick's problems as leader is becoming more and more apparent. The conflicts within the Team are just the result of him ignoring the individual members and playing everyone like chess pieces.

Invasion is essentially Nightwing's Greatest Fuckups.
Well, I see it this way. Dick, being Roy's friend, cared about him and wanted to keep a support network around him. Two, Dick probably would rather have Roy around to better keep an eye on him. Letting Roy go rogue might have been too dangerous. I'm not saying that Dick's actions have been perfect, but I do understand them. Just like I can see that maybe he misjudged how badly damaged Roy had been by his experiences, which led to Roy going rogue anyway.

As for him playing everyone like chess pieces, I think that's partially true, but they have all been played by The Light and now the Reach. But if you see that controlling side to Dick, I'm sure you know where he got it from. He just hasn't mastered it at this point.
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