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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

^Oh, believe me, I've seen bad scifi CGI. Sometimes it's charming, but sometimes it's utter crap and ruins my suspension of disbelief.

But I can't watch Jurassic Park anymore because THEY NEED FEATHERS!!! Augh.

I think my only fear if the Gargies ever got movies--back then or now--is that they'd make Goliath look far too beastly, and the way he's drawn led me to believe he's supposed to be ruggedly good looking, but nonhuman.

Taking Dragonball Evolution as an example(DON'T KILL ME)...I am a huge Piccolo fan after watching DBZ. I love me some big green antisocial asexual egg puking alien LOL But Piccolo was drawn like he might be a good looking fella, just green. And in the movie they managed to keep him good looking--at least to me, dunno what other ladies might say, but I thought he was still nice on the eyes.
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