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Right, but if they're going to cut him anyway, then they'd presumably be willing to do a trade for virtually nothing. So if there's more than one team interested in him, then one of those teams can simply offer SF some very low draft pick to take him off their hands, and scoop him up before he hits the open market. OTOH, if only one team wants him, then that doesn't work. They're better off waiting SF out.
Well, that's the other reason that no one's trading for Smith -- no one wants to give up even low-end assets to take on that contract, which is pretty heavily backloaded. It just isn't going to happen.
See my above post. The Chiefs went full retard, holy hell.

A second round pick at #34 is a fucking ridiculous amount to pay for a guy that was going to be released: His contract was way too high to be riding the bench. A third-round pick (which at #63 overall is technically a bottom 2nd) should have more than sufficed. To throw in a future pick next year as well? That's fucking lunacy considering the complete lack of leverage that San Francisco had.
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