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Re: Is this a Hoax ?

J. Allen wrote: View Post
1) The object was there and your friend just missed it. It's quite common to notice things in photos one doesn't notice in the moment because a photo is a static image, allowing the brain time to process everything in the picture.
On closer observation I see things looking like a vent, two specks of light, and some fixture -perhaps a light switch. Possibly seen through an open door.

2) It's a manipulated image, which is very easy, and very possible to do. Because of the blurry and poor quality of the image, making a fake image and embedding it becomes even easier, and honestly, for a cell phone image, it's of absurdly poor quality, which suggests tampering as well.
Even then it's a nice job... It's got so many 'crappy camera' artifacts that it's either real or someone went through a lot of trouble to make it look so
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