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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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It's been too long since I've seen the movie, so, I could be talking nonsense

Wouldn't removing them have also removed the benefits of youth, longevity from them? If so, you're not only asking them to share and to give up their home, you're asking them to give up their life.

Is there any proof that being away from the planet won't suddenly age them in death when the effects wear off?

they'd be in the exact same position as the Son'a were. They wouldn't suddenly die, they'd just start aging again.
So, then you are asking them not only to give up their home, but, to also give up their life. It's really easy to make the decision for them, but, I'm willing to bet few would voluntarily give up their life like that.

"Let's see, I love my life, and I could live another 1000 years here, but, if I give up my home, I'll likely be dead in 50"
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