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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

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You could make a whole season of Trek TV out of JJ's lens-flare budget.
Doubtful. It's not 2001 anymore when ENT left the air. I would wager that a new Trek TV series would probably be budgeted around 3 million dollars an episode these days.
Even at $3 million a pop, and even if you did the longer 26-episode season they did in the TNG days, that's still only $78 million for a season, which is over $100 million less than the budget of the latest Abrams flick.
Probably more than $78 million, since premiere episodes tend to be several times more expensive than weekly installments, due to the cost of constructing so many permanent sets, costumes, props, etc. Doable within $100 million, though -- I think -- especially if you're not spending so much money attracting feature film directors (David Fincher, Joel Schumacher, James Foley) and feature film actors (Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara) who demand higher salaries.

Of course, you get what you pay for.
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