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rightful heir

Just looking the ep 'rightful heir', and something is bugging me.

In this ep, 'Kahless', when first encountering Worf, knows his name and about the vision he had as a young child. (he uses this to convince Worf he is real)

Then, later in the ep, Kahless is revealed to be 'only' a clone, not a supernatural figure, with memories implanted from what has been written in some holy texts.

So, how did he know about Worf's vision as a child ? While I could see those priests overhearing a campfire story from worf and implanting that knowledge into the clone just to convince Worf, imho it would still be a far-fetched explanation (Worf doesn't strike me as the type just to tell such a story to people he'd only known for a few days, priests who'd just by coincidence have to overhear it, and then putting a lot of effort in such a small detail, etc). Also, from the rest of the ep, it seemed the 'Kahless' clone himself was an honest man, so deceit or trickery from his side seems unlikely.

Or is this just an oversight in the script ?
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