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Re: "Amazing Spider-man 2" discussion

Well Chris - I think you kinda missed the point some of us were on - if they're going for a 616ish style MJ, they kinda dropped it - her whole thing is this vivacious "Face it Tiger, you hit the jackpot!" kind of girl. BUT I totally agree with you about MJ - they're soul mates even if they aren't romantically involved - MJ really is Peter's best friend, although so is Betty Brant, but I see Betty as more like his surrogate sister - sure they dated way back, but I like the way they've been writing the two of them. Where Peter's pretty much her best friend and in one case, her only real friend.

I mean I don't know if I can see this new girl portraying a grown up MJ who runs around in skimpy attire as a model or soap opera actress or even a frequent club goer. Maybe she glams up more in make up and such, but she seems more cute than hot. Personally she's MY kind of girl and I would thank my lucky stars if she was my girlfriend I like the cute girls like that. But it's not MJ, although at least she has the right 'look' for a redhead vs blondie Kirsten Dunst.

If they ARE going for the more "Ultimate Spider-Man" MJ where she's more focused on being either a science major or journalist - then I've got no real problem with it then. Ultimate MJ is pretty but she's not the party girl the mainstream Marvel MJ is.

Although if they were really going for an Ultimate Spider-Man inspired movie - then Gwen should have been far more "punk" than the classier Gwen we've got in Emma Stone.

But we'll see where this goes - the fact that they've got Spider-Man in a suit that's more like the classic costume is a good start. It's nice to see that they've evolved the suit and his gear. I wonder if they'll work in the utility belt with the Spider-signal belt buckle and web shooter cartridges and camera/cellphone compartment.

Be funny if they were able to rig up a Sony Cybershot slim camera into the belt - after all ASM was like a big Sony/Erricsson ad
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