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Since the series will be post 2161, will Archer be a Captain, Commodore or Admiral? Looks like his career path shows at Memory Beta he's an Admiral by 2164.

I haven't finished the Romulan War trade paperback yet, but what were the ranks of the Enterprise crew at the end? I imagine there may be promotions by the time we get to the first issue of this new series?

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There will be starship missions, but there's other stuff going on too. There's a lot of ground to cover here.
So it will be like focus on the World/Federation at around 2163 through the eyes of (former) Enterprise crew (wherever they are) and a few new characters too (a la the other Trek Lit post TV series finale "relaunches")? With maybe a few long-lived characters like "a" Dax or others from TOS/TNG era; earlier versions?

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I prefer to avoid the use of "flagship" in the vernacular sense of a vessel that's treated for some reason as the most important or prestigious vessel in the entire Federation fleet. I don't think that's a very realistic usage. Strictly speaking, a flagship is the command vessel of a task force, or it's the ship on which an admiral carries his or her flag, i.e. uses as a command base or has at his or her personal disposal. Both those types of flagship are seen in the novel, but the kind of "flagship" you're talking about is not.
Cool. I'm just curious what the "core" Federation Ship will be for Archer or the series if not an Enterprise. That said, PAD did have New Frontier focus on the crews of the Excalibur and Trident so I guess two or more core ships isn't out of the question?

I am intrigued, Christopher.
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