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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Roger Lay, Jr.:John Wentworth talks a lot about that. He's got a great story – which you'll probably see in the Season Two or three documentary – where, at one point, one executive in a meeting comes up to Rick and goes, "I have an idea. You guys have a restaurant on the Enterprise, right? Rick and Brannon are like, "Well, we have a mess hall, kind of like a cafeteria…" He says, "Well, here's the thing – every week, at the restaurant, the hottest young bands are gonna play. You know, we're gonna get a different hot, young band every week, they'll play in the restaurant."

TrekCore: Oh, my god.

Roger Lay, Jr.: They were like, "We're in outer space. How are these bands going to get there?" The guy's like, "Well, you can figure that out! ‘Cause then, at the end of the episodes, we have the card for the hot new album that's coming out. We do that on all our other shows; trust us. This is good." That was a moment where Rick – and everyone – started to realize that it was a losing battle.
Wow, under those circumstances, I'm glad Enterprise was as good as it was. That crap barely flew in Smallville, but Enterprise? Wooooooow.

Thanks again for the interview. I'd love to see every recurring actor appear in the documentaries eventually. In fact, they should have a brief documentary just on all the stand-in actors that we came to recognize over and over throughout the show. Guy Vardaman, Lorine Mendell, David Anderson, Randy James, Cameron, etc.
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