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Re: Dallas - Season 2

Anakin Skywalker was a whiner and he became the badass Darth Vader.
In other words, JR. Ewing was likely a whiny brat when younger, too.

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I think Josh Henderson's John Ross is growing into a worthy successor to J.R., but Jesse Metcalfe's Christopher leaves a lot to be desired.
Agreed on both counts. John Ross might be the reason to tune in after JR's dead. He really is fantastic. The scene where he slaps Pamela's ass and asks her butler to make breakfast was a riot.

Was Monday's JR's exit / last episode? One minute has was looking at silly internet videos, then he vanished. Interesting that he went from knowing nothing of tablet technology one minute then became an expert computer hacker the next. Obviously he had some kind of help... just wondering if he'll end up dead in a puff of smoke next Monday night.

I'm currently making my way through the original series as this new show airs... I'm taking my time with it. Right now I'm finishing up season 6. There was a moment where Ellie told Pamela Ewing that 25 years down the road instead of Bobby and JR fighting over Ewing Oil it would be Christopher and John Ross doing the same... kind of incredible foreshadowing as that episode aired in 1982!

I might stop at season 8... I've read/heard the quality declines sharply after Leonard Katzman leaves the show... and there's no way I'm investing time in the bullshit 'dream season!'

A little blurb about next week's show in the Washington Post, sadly we won't get anything next week and have to wait until the 11th of March:

"In “Dallas'” March 11 episode — called "J.R.'s Masterpiece" — the Ewing clan reels upon hearing of J.R.'s death, and is even more shocked to learn the cause, TNT promises. Goody!"
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