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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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I need a little more proof before I take this as happening.

I do like where it is going, though. If Ahsoka and Anakin are effectively separated and then there is another several months or even a year before Episode III starts, we could see how Anakin would be "out of sight out of mind" with Ahsoka. He obviously has his hands full as the Clone Wars ends!

Plus, we'll get to see the effects of Anakin and Ahsoka as they grow apart from each other... and I'd be genuinely curious how Ahsoka handles exile... who knows? Maybe she does "go dark" and ends up a bounty hunter or something.

With each passing episode I become...
a) more convinced
b) more stoked
...that she'll be in the sequel trilogy. I don't think it's fanwank... I think properly casted, Ahsoka would be an excellent character. Maybe we'll even get to see her interact with force-ghost-Anakin.

I guess we are likely to get a season six and likely not to get a season seven? Sure wish DisneyTV could confirm that they are airing the next season.
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