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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

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I've decided to put some effort into my dad.... I have launched a counter-attack in the form of knowledge....
Sounds like a worthwhile but difficult project! I just sighed at your description of your half-sister.
Seconded. Good luck with helping your father see the truth about diabetes.

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top priority for me right now is to get Professor Tibatong, my hamster, through the surgery tomorrow.
I hope everything went well.

As for what I'm hoping to accomplish in the near future, I'm really, really hoping that the house renovations will finally be completed this year. We bought our fixer-upper house almost seven years ago, and while we love the house and its location it will be fantastic to get everything completed. The big jobs left to do are a completely new bathroom, including the replacement of the original lead plumbing, and the replastering of all the downstairs walls and ceilings, which will then need to be decorated. I'm not bad with a paint brush, but we're leaving the plumbing and plastering and such to the professionals. I know my limits.

Also, I'm giving the local RSPCA centre a call tomorrow to enquire about two five-month-old puppies they have up for adoption. We've been looking for a second dog for ages, as our dog would love a companion and we're crazy pet people, but there have been no dogs available for adoption that meet our criteria (medium sized, as we can't fit another large dog into our car...or our house, gets along with dogs, gets along with cats). We were ready to get another puppy from a reputable breeder, as we'd done with our Golden Retriever, but we've had rescue dogs before and really wanted to give another abandoned dog a forever home. We're only looking for one dog, and both puppies are Lurcher crosses and get on with other dogs and cats, so we're crossing fingers and toes that one of the pups will come home with us soon.
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