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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

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Not at all, I simply disagree that it would have done them justice. Compare Gollum, Caesar, Davy Jones and the latest Hulk to the CG characters in Episode I or Blawp and the monster Dr. Smith from Lost in Space, which are the only notable computer-generated 'performances' I can think of that came out of the 90s. Suits may have worked, but I can't imagine them being any more convincing.
You're still thinking anachronistically, in 21st-century terms. I'm talking about a hypothetical movie from the mid-'90s, so I'm not talking about using CGI for creating performance. I'm talking about using animatronics and prosthetics for the gargoyle performances -- most likely actors/stuntmen in heavy prosthetics -- with CGI being used only for gliding shots and the like. That should have been clear from my references to the Turtles movies and Dinosaurs.

As for animatronics, they could be quite convincing if done by a top-notch studio like Henson or Stan Winston. Remember, most of the dinosaur shots that made Jurassic Park so convincing were actually animatronics by Winston's studio, with CGI used only for full-length shots of dinosaurs walking, running, etc. The state of the art of animatronics was very high at the time we're talking about, so a big-budget movie could certainly have used them convincingly. And Disney would've certainly been able to afford hiring the best.

But let's think about the specific Gargoyles. Most of them had basically human faces. Goliath, Demona, and Hudson could easily have been played by actors in Star Trek-like prosthetics -- Sirtis and Asner could've easily played their own characters, and maybe Keith David could've played Goliath if the costume had increased his height and musculature somewhat. The Trio are a bit trickier, but Broadway and Lex could've been redesigned with somewhat more human faces (though they would've had to cast a pretty small actor as Lex); Brooklyn's the only one who really would've required an animatronic face. And Bronx would've had to be a mix of animatronics in close-up and CG in walking/fighting scenes. And the wings could be simply part of the costume when folded; CG would only be needed when the wings unfurled or when the gargoyles took to the air.
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