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SalvorHardin wrote:
Spock's relationship with Uhura is not secret. If it was secret he would not be worried about appearing to practise favoritism by assigning her to the Enterprise. It would just be an instructor giving the best student the best assignment, to everyone's eyes.
And since it's not a secret and none of them has any consequences that we can see on their career, I assume it's not considered inappropriate either.
Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that bit. But they still weren't flaunting it as they did at the end once Spock had eased up on his emotional control.
HaventGotALife wrote: View Post
So...being Vulcan is being hetero? Was Nero gay for killing all the heteros? How about Kirk--wouldn't he be gay even though he wants Uhura? Well, Spock is. Why is everyone on the ship, the majority of them, human? Wouldn't that mean every character is gay?
I think the analogy ruins Spock's character. He's completely human now? With the animal rage of Vulcan, he's now just like everyone else on the Enterprise? He would be rejecting one heritage of the other.
I think he's reached a similar point to the Spock of Wrath of Khan and beyond. A Spock who knows the value of emotion and doesn't fear or deny it - while still being Spock.
This is about multiculturalism. This is about being a mixed child and not having to pick which part of your heritage that you belong to. I would love to see Star Trek embrace at least one gay character or story line. However, it's a macho universe. It treats women like crap and it means there's not a single gay person. Apparently, they found a cure or something. Very disappointing. Believe me, when I see the gay character, I'll see the gay character.
Yes, it would be nice if Trek had a gay character. I disagree with you on their treatment of women, however.
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