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To be fair, Family Guy continually makes TWOK themed jokes in their episodes, rannging from scene reenactments, clips of footage from the movie, and at one point they even had Ricardo Montalban voice a character in an episode, with a very subtle TWOK reference. So TWOK is still well-known to the general public, even if it's that thing Family Guy is always doing jokes about.
The wealth of Star Trek references and parodies in Family Guy stem from the fact that Seth MacFarlane is a huge Trekkie (TOS and TNG). It's also why the show is filled with 80s references, even as 'obscure' as The Greatest American Hero. It appeals to "us" -- i.e. the 35-50 demographic -- because we all share the same interests. We got the extremely subtle Khan reference when Montalban played the cow ("Even my beloved wiife!...") because of that. But I don't think you can extend that interest to today's general public.

Khan is from one episode and one movie. The most popular movie, yes, but still just one.
This is exactly my original point. Why reuse Khan and turn him into someone completely different than what we know? If you're going to pick someone from the prime timeline, there are numerous people to choose from. Hell, Gary Mitchell would be a better choice, because he's canon, has/had a rich backstory with Kirk, and that could make for better drama.

Khan's appeal as a villain is that he was a superhuman focusing his superabilities to destroy ONE person, and his only normal quality -- his ego -- was his downfall.
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