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Re: Seth Macfarlane tapped to host this years Academy Awards!

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I liked The Sound of Music! By the time I was 10, I had seen the movie 5 times ( home versions) and stage musical at the LA Music Center. But I had heard it wasn't well thought of in the industry and that Plummer wasn't fond of it.

It's like Alec Guiness ruing being remembered for Star Wars. Its not a bad thing, he did well in it, and made a ton of money. But he had acted in so many other films, where he really showed what he could do--yet he'll be rememebered as Obi wan. I've read he was not happy with that.
Oh, well I can understand the feeling of being typecast. It's like the Trek actors. Even though Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have gone on to do hundreds of other projects, they'll always be remembered as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.
I'm sure there are plenty of actors out there who would give their eye teeth to be remembered for anything.
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