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Re: Captain Kirk At The Oscars!

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Am I the only one that thought he looked bad? His head kept bobbing up and down and sometimes it seemed like his speech was a bit slurred.
He may not have had much time to prepare... but I too thought he looked a bit off (and not due to age, but his delivery).
I too thought his delivery was off, but I think that's a pretty inevitable consequence of doing a live video chat. Younguns on CNN are really no better, and what's more, Shatner had to try to guage when to start lines vis-a-vis audience laughter, which is tricky enough in person. It would have been much better to have "beamed" him down live and in person, where he could still have called up the video clips on-screen.

Heck, it would have been best for Shatner to have hosted the whole deal himself!
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