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Re: The old "DS9 stole from B5" thing

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Let me bold this:
There's no association with DS9 or Babylon 5 with UPN or WB!
Well let me bold this. There is an association of Babylon 5 with PTEN! PTEN was owned jointly by Chris-Craft and Warner Bros. Who started UPN? Chris-Craft and Paramount. That's where the connection is; at the station level, not the studio level.

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And B5, despite being produced by Warner Bros, aired on a UPN affiliate in my area.
Yes, because UPN didn't have a full schedule at the time.

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There is one significant point of comparison between the two series - only one - and the entirety of "Paramount stole this" originally hung on that premise: they are both set on space stations.
There was not only one. The name Babylon was picked because it means "Gate of God." Why is that? Because there was a jump gate next to the station. What's next to DS9? Why it's a wormhole! Did you know that both Sinclair and Sisko were widowed? Why yes, Sinclair had a dead wife in the original treatment. Does any of this mean anything? I don't know, probably not, but there were more points of comparison than *just the station*.

Also, not directed at you specifically, but I always find it interesting when people talk like Piller and Berman had no idea who jms was. Joe's wife worked for Piller at the time. Piller talked about that in an interview back then (not sure where that one was originally published but you can find it in Joe Nazzaro's writing for Science Fiction book.)
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