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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

to be honest, the pilot bored me somewhat (though that's in hindsight...don't remember what i thought the first time i saw it) maybe because i know that the maquis thing is beyond redundant from the offset and has no major role to play in the series, maybe because i know that they'll never run out of torpedoes no matter what Janeway might say, maybe because i know the Kazon are the most insipid, laughable and disposable species ever seen in any Trek, maybe because if i'm watching it then i know all those missed opportunities are coming my way once again

I suppose it's a decent pilot (especially as it knows what it wants to achieve) and it gets the job done pretty well overall but i also know that i can't honestly watch it objectively will always be the pilot that forever sets up so many disappointments for me
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