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Re: Higgs Boson Mass points to end of our Universe

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Red and blue shift are effects seen in the absorption lines or emission lines in spectra, which appear to be moved to longer (red) or shorter (blue) wavelengths, and which do not relate to the colours themselves, which are merely qualia of our visual system.
So you must've had one of those big 64-Crayola boxes, noticed that somebody got them all off by one, and thought it was an issue of cosmic, Earth shattering importance. We know what kind of problem child you were in pre-school!

Speaking of spectra, I recently ran across some webpages talking about how the obsession with making ruling engines for diffraction gratings, requiring mechanical motions so precise that steel might as well be rubber, created mechanisms and methods that fed directly into our ability to make precision semiconductors (X-Y index tables that could make nanometer-scale moves).

The obsession eased once we realized that we didn't have to mechanically carve every diffraction grating from scratch, but could just use an existing grating to press lots of copies, just like stamping a CD or DVD.

Here are a few links
Dover Motion on accuracy with a section called "Prior art" starting on page 1.

Nikon on their first engine

An amateur engine built in the UK in the 1950's

Fun stuff. I can see why it was an obsession.
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