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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

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My only real complaints are the Avalon World Tour, which starts off interesting but goes on for WAAAY too long .
The problem with the World Tour was that it was intended as a serious expansion of the Gargoyles Shared Universe. If you have been to Weisman's blog, he talks about how Eisner wanted his own fictional universe like Marvel/DC. Gargoyles was intended as the cornerstone for that. They had large unrealized plans for King Arthur, the New Olympians, the Phoenix Gate and the Illuminati.
Yeah, I know this. I read the blogs he posted about each episode and all his various plans for like 12 unrealized spin-offs. I also recognize that he was told they got a 52 episode order for the second season (while preparing for 13-22) and the Avalon World Tour took care of a big chunk of that.

None of that changes the fact that by the end, the Avalon World Tour became very, very tiring. It got to the point where I was rolling my eyes and saying, "What mythological god is going to meet a member of the Pack or Servius or whoever THIS week?" and it got to that point like 10 eps before the World Tour was over.

It was definitely a good idea and I'm glad we got it, but it was 20-or-so episodes, which was way, way too many.
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