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Re: Anybody remember "Gargoyles"?

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We all know that wouldn't have happened either way. At least now the technology exists to do them justice.
You're misremembering the chronology. Gargoyles premiered in 1994, a year after Jurassic Park came out, and only a few years after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies and the Dinosaurs sitcom with their elaborate animatronic lead characters created by the Henson Studios. Any Gargoyles feature film would've probably come along in '96 or later, at which point the animatronic and CG technology would've been more than up to the challenge of creating convincing Gargoyles.
Not at all, I simply disagree that it would have done them justice. Compare Gollum, Caesar, Davy Jones and the latest Hulk to the CG characters in Episode I or Blawp and the monster Dr. Smith from Lost in Space, which are the only notable computer-generated 'performances' I can think of that came out of the 90s. Suits may have worked, but I can't imagine them being any more convincing.
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