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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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No, your backhanded remark about Germany was hateful, petty and vile.
So was your ""arrogant neo-conservative shtick"" comment. So I apologize for the comment about Germany and lets say we call it a day with the petty sniping at each other?
Except your points strongly resembled neo-con ideology. I laid that out in my post that you chose to ignore.

My points on the other hand surely didn't look like Nazi points, right?

So yeah, since you completely disqualified yourself I'm indeed going to refrain from any further interaction with you.
"I modeled Starfleet after the Fremen army in Frank Herbert's 'Dune'. Through cultural imperialism it spreads its values all over the galaxy, much like the holy Fremen warriors spread Paul Muad'dib's message.
Spock is a Mentat, the rational element in this chaotic universe."
- Gene Roddenberry 1974
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