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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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I guess you hate protecting minorities, too. Best to just kill them all if it serves "the many" in any way?
Really? Surprised it took someone this long to go there...
I know, right?

Government represents "everybody", not "the many". And that's why the needs of "the few" sometimes outweigh the needs of "the many". And sometimes... they don't.

Damn, life is so complex.
Government represents everyone who is part of the nation in which they govern. Since the Ba'ku are not Federation citizens, the Federation does owe them jack-shit.
I'm sorry to interrupt your arrogant neo-conservative shtick, but I live in a country that starts its constitution with the sentence "Human dignity is inviolable". It doesn't say "The human dignity of the people in this country is inviolable. We owe the rest of the world jack-shit and if we need something we'll take it from you, suckers."

And I think the phrase "All men are created equal" should ring a bell to you. It's not "All men are created equal, unless you're not American in which case we'll treat you like shit, steal your stuff and tell you: We don't owe you jack-shit."

And that's not taking into account international agreements like the UN Carta. Which says you don't meddle in the affairs of sovereign nations. Who knows: Maybe there's some kind of interplanetary agreement on this in the Star Trek Galaxy, too.

And let's not pretend this is the "trail of tears" or some other atrocity that has happened in the past. No one here is being abused, merely returned to their normal evolutionary state.
It's a shame you don't understand the concept of evolution. Or the fact that "culture" has in many aspects replaced "nature" in the progress of civilisations.

Shame you deleted the "your highness" comment. I like to talk to peasants once in a while.
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