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Re: Star Trek: INS- Son'a/Dominion Question

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I guess you hate protecting minorities, too. Best to just kill them all if it serves "the many" in any way?
Really? Surprised it took someone this long to go there...
It is the natural conclusion of your position. If a large group is made materially better off through the death of a smaller group, it follows that exterminating the smaller group is not only prudent and practical, it is the morally proper thing to do.

Government represents "everybody", not "the many". And that's why the needs of "the few" sometimes outweigh the needs of "the many". And sometimes... they don't.

Damn, life is so complex.
Government represents everyone who is part of the nation in which they govern. Since the Ba'ku are not Federation citizens, the Federation does owe them jack-shit.

And let's not pretend this is the "trail of tears" or some other atrocity that has happened in the past. No one here is being abused, merely returned to their normal evolutionary state.
I'd just like to say that the phrase "normal evolutionary state" indicates such an appallingly poor grasp of the mechanisms of evolution that I can scarcely believe my eyes. I could write a book on what's wrong with that statement.

Suffice it to say, you are completely wrong on this point.

ETA: And damn, the way Sonak keeps misrepresenting and over-simplifying RobMax' nuanced opinion is just appalling. Strawmen everywhere. Just makes for a very annoying and fruitless discussion.
If you or a close member of your family was in Starfleet, would you be willing to sacrifice your or their lives in order to protect six hundred people who refuse to protect themselves?

Would you want a cure for cancer blocked because six hundred people couldn't be moved?
This is nuts. First of all, Federation lives were already put at risk through the joint operation with Son'a, so that one doesn't even wash.

Secondly, forcibly relocating people to get your cure for cancer is wrong. You're basically putting a natural resource above people's lives. Not the kind of thing a benevolent organization like the Federation ought to be pursuing.
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