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^ with a pinch of horse?

_C_ welcome, to the board Your eyes are beautiful! (but having green eyes myself I am naturally biased). At the risk of offending you: I think you'd look better if you'd put on a little weight. The protruding collarbones don't look good with that necklace.
My eyes are actually blue, and it shows up more depending on the light.

The weight issue is something I've fought my whole life. I'm not anorexic, but I can't gain weight. I've tried everything. It's my genes and medication I take. :/ When people see me they freak out about how thin and tiny I am, but it's not my personal choice to be this thin. Thanks anyway though.

Thanks Captain_Ice Hi to you too.

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Thanks I think I'm too short to be a model at 5'1"
Models can't be short?

And, yes, your eyes are sexy.

And Peter Cullen is awesome.

And I've run out of things to add.
Not as short and skinny as me! I have enough trouble finding clothes that fit me right! Haha! It's pretty sad that girls are hurting themselves to be thin like me, and I would give anything to weigh ten more pounds!
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