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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

But there's no place on TV now that is likely to want a new series. Too nichey for broadcast; premium cable wouldn't go for something associated with free TV (off brand for them). Basic cable is possible, someplace like TNT, but CBS has no basic cable stations, so it would have to negotiate with an outside party. Neither CBS nor TNT has an overwhelming motive to bother, there are plenty other types of shows they could do.

But Netflix and Amazon do have a motive to want a big brand name that appeals to techy types - who are the most likely to already be subscribing to streaming, or considering it. They're in competition with each other right now to make noise and establish themselves as king of the hill.

This is a new industry and it's a crucial time to establish dominance. Both would be motivated to invest in an expensive, high profile show, even at a short term loss, because it would pay off in the long run by helping them knock out the other guy.
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