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Re: Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary...Finally?

Andorians, Tellarites and Vulcan's all benefited hugely from the extra info Enterprise gave them. I'm sure they'd have struggled to fill half as much space as they do without it.

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Oh, 8of5, sprinkle me with spoilery goodness from atop your endictionaried perch.

What races are featured on the "Allied Species" page? I'm assuming that's the "assorted other Federation races" page, after Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Denobulans, Betazoids and Trills get their own pages. So...Bolians, I'm betting? Benzites? Deltans? Rigellians?
Just Bolians and Benzites on that one, with the Horta and Tribble on the opposite non-humanoids page.

And if you're curious the alien threats spread has Mugato, Nausicaans, Salt Vampire (or M-113 creature as they've called it), and Yridians.

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Another, much more minor, detail that impresses me: Human is capitalized like the other race names. Thank you!
Personally I'd be happier if it was the other way around. Normally, we capitalize the names of nationalities (French, Korean, Sioux) but not the names of species (dolphin, elephant, octopus). It's an unfortunate tendency of Trek and other SF to treat species as equivalent to nations or cultures, rather than portraying them as distinct entities (a species can be divided into many nations and a nation can have members of many species). So, for instance, "vulcan" should be the name of a species that encompasses the nations of Vulcan and Romulus -- although ideally the nation/planet name wouldn't be the same as the species name (humans come from Earth, not Huma).
I hadn't noticed that, but I too am pleased to see Humans getting some capital equality, now you point it out!

Re Chris' point: I'm Human, European, British, and English. Much as a Vulcan can be a person of the planet Vulcan, but also a person of a particular culture/race on the planet Vulcan, or come from a particular geopolitical region of Vulcan. One does not preclude the other, and I see it as a positive thing that the planets of Star Trek future have such a feeling of oneness that they primarily identify as the collective peoples of that planet.

Wouldn't it be lovely if we all stopped worry about being English, American, Asian, a New Yorker, etc, and had a bit more of a sense of our equal collective Humanness?
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