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...-- TUC, a better and more nuanced job using them, but it was the last go-round, too. Too little, too late. And, imagine if it had been Kor meeting up with Kirk on last time, instead of Chang, especially if Kor and Kirk had had more of a history in TOS.
I liked Chang a lot, and felt he was a villain with whom I could actually sympathize (a little) -- at least I could feel a little sympathy for his cause. I think Kirk felt the same way, even though Chang wanted Kirk dead.
Chang was "acceptable." But maybe the fanboy in me thinks it would've been glorious if John Colicos had reprised Kor for that role and enhanced his backstory with Kirk. Kirk and Chang had no history. When Chang meets him, he says, "I've always wanted to meet you, captain." It would've been very interesting to see how Kirk and Kor would've gotten on with each other.
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