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Re: no more TV in the future? WTF?!

Well, one obvious answer is it would be awkward to hear of movies/series, but rarely if ever see them, due to budgetary restrictions on producing new content for such incidental purposes. And if you assume that many, if not most, movies of the future are projected in holographic 3D (and that classic movies can be easily automatically retrofitted for same)... goodnight Irene.

Then you've got the utopian spirit that the Starfleeters would have evolved beyond things like TV and rap.

I agree that holosuites wouldn't kill film - who would ever want to role-play a story like Psycho, or The Social Network? I think it's fair to assume that, like bonking, film viewing remains reasonably common off-screen.

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I find characters portrayed by actual humans far more interesting and rewarding than artificial simulations. I don't see where having real actors could ever be considered "old-fashioned".
Agreed, though I imagine the Stephanie Meyers of the future would have to resort to holo-actors now and then...
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