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Re: Direct-to-DVD Trek movies?

With the success of JJ Trek, I could totally see a new Trek television series (serial would be awesome), and I could see each season becoming available on Netflix shortly after each season concludes on TV since that seems to be the pattern with some shows. If you missed it on TV, catch up with it on Netflix, get hooked, then tune in for season 2 on TV because you just can't wait.

I wouldn't arrange funeral services for broadcast or cable television just yet. And I think Netflix as an exclusive outlet has yet to prove itself as a lucrative alternative for a large budget series like Trek (which would need to have a large budget to match the standards already set for the franchise). Once we have hard proof that something like Trek could bring decent profit, then streaming as an exclusive or premiere source could be a contender.

...but I should say if we do happen to get new Trek on Netflix, I will be just as excited as the next guy!
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