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What is with all the Klingon hate around here anyway? To me, some of Trek's most compelling and memorable characters are Klingons.
There were some good Klingon characters in TNG and DS9. I wish at least one character that strong had been estabilshed in TOS. I guess part of the problem was the series didn't run long enough for that to happen. But look at how the Klingons were used in TOS movies. Pitiful:
-- In TMP, they didn't even have names and are out in the first five minutes. Left one wondering, "why even use them?"
-- TSFS, vile villains, nothing deeper than that.
-- TVH, an interesting and compelling speech by John Schuck presenting the Klingon point of view that could've portended the story in STV. (No peace while Kirk lives.)
-- TFF, it didn't. The thought was dropped, and instead, we get some Klingon goofball in the story.
-- TUC, a better and more nuanced job using them, but it was the last go-round, too. Too little, too late. And, imagine if it had been Kor meeting up with Kirk on last time, instead of Chang, especially if Kor and Kirk had had more of a history in TOS.

Just my opinion.
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