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Re: Star Trek: The Visual Dictionary...Finally?

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Another, much more minor, detail that impresses me: Human is capitalized like the other race names. Thank you!
Personally I'd be happier if it was the other way around. Normally, we capitalize the names of nationalities (French, Korean, Sioux) but not the names of species (dolphin, elephant, octopus). It's an unfortunate tendency of Trek and other SF to treat species as equivalent to nations or cultures, rather than portraying them as distinct entities (a species can be divided into many nations and a nation can have members of many species). So, for instance, "vulcan" should be the name of a species that encompasses the nations of Vulcan and Romulus -- although ideally the nation/planet name wouldn't be the same as the species name (humans come from Earth, not Huma).
Mass Effect is the only popular sci-fi that comes to mind in that regard - it's salarians from the Salarian Union, for example. (There's the pak'ma'ra in Babylon Five, but that's apparently whimsy of the Great Maker and certainly isn't the norm in that franchise).

Either way, though, I'm glad humans are being treated as "just another race" here, one way or the other, rather than something distinct.

And as always I must clarify that humans are from Humus Prime, not Huma
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