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When does the DS9 component happen? Before the end of the TV series?
Fifth season, shortly before "In Purgatory's Shadow" (i.e. the time when Bashir had been replaced by a Changeling).

I believe the Voyager one is pre-TV series.
Right. Both it and the VGR installment of the similar The Brave and the Bold crossover duology are crammed into the brief period between Janeway getting command of Voyager and the ship getting lost in the Badlands. (I believe the B&tB one is chronologically first.)

TNG & TOS components happens when?
As far as I recall or can determine, the TOS installment is your typical late-5-year-mission setting, while the TNG is sometime in the 5th season of that show, about three years before the VGR portion and five years before the DS9 portion.
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