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Re: Western genre feature film resurgence 2010-2015

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To reply to an earlier point-that the corporate thugs in Outland have no precedent in the traditional western.
What were the Pinkerton men in The Long riders?
Frank Morgan(Henry Fonda)in Once upon a time in the west.
The railroads hired killers in Mc Cabe & Mrs.Miller.
And to further stretch the genre,the corporate killers in Matewan.
The corporation's use of drugs to quell the workers is wholly unlike the traditional Western. But it is interesting to note that McCabe & Mrs. Miller is very much not a traditional Western, self-refuting the argument. And even this poster has to admit that Matewan is a stretch. If you try to argue that an opinion is nonsense, you really have to do better than this. It is far better not to go to J.T.B.'s school of misrepresentation and irrelevance.

It's not a hard question: In what "useful" sense are Justified and Hatfields & McCoys and Django Unchained Westerns?
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