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Re: Starfleet Command Insignia

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Well, it's certainly something that you can do only once. As soon as every starship has the same insignia, the pattern reaches its fixed point.
If you find fault with how they do things in the 23rd Century (command bridge exposed on top of vessel, anyone?) I'm not the one to bring such matters forward to, that used to be Dick Arnold's department.

I'm mostly interested in drawing accurate (if possible: logical) conclusions from observable and - if available - known production facts as long as the latter don't contradict the visual material.

Regarding this particular debate, I'd like to add the starbase club scene from "Court-Martial".

As mentioned earlier, producer Bob Justman wanted to keep the delta insignia for all Starfleet vessels and wasn't too happy, when he found out that individual starship insignias had been created (e.g. Constellation and Exeter).

Clearly a changed premise within TOS, but that scene from "Court-Martial" requires "in-universe" explanation / interpretation, IMHO.

Explanation A: All Starfleet personnel carried the delta insignia prior to providing each starship with an individual insignia.
Question: Then why didn't the Enterprise get an individual insignia, but got stuck with the general insignia?

Explanation B: Only Starfleet personnel (exception merchant marine) that does not belong to the elite starships wears the delta
Question: Then why does the Enterprise personnel wear the delta as it belongs to a starship?

Explanation C: Because of the Enterprise's previous accomplishments (Captain Pike?) Starfleet adopted the delta for all non-starship personnel for a certain amount of time.
Question: None
(could also help to explain the obvious hostility of Kirk's former academy classmates. Not only did they not get the job of starship captain, but also have to wear the delta insignia of Kirk's ship. Apparently they look forward to Kirk's fall with Schadenfreude: - strange, somehow reminds me of something...)

I don't claim to have all the answers, and I'm always open-minded to listen to alternate theories but reserve the right to examine these with the same scrutiny as mine are examined.

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