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Re: Do you believe there is someone for every person?

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A few years ago I was depressed, overweight, ugly, boring, stressed out and sad. I was in a horrible marriage that I couldn't walk away from, I had no relationship whatsoever with my two year old daughter, I was working two shitty jobs to pay for a house I couldn't afford, I literally did not have a single friend, and I had long-since given up on the notion that any of my dreams would ever come true. It was so bad that once became so angry that I started crying because I heard some strangers in a parking lot laughing. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had something I would never again process- joy.

But you know what? My wife split, took the child, and left me with the house and three credit cards in my name that I didn't even know existed... and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Within a year I had lost the house to foreclosure and filed for bankruptcy and divorce. And I started at building a new life for myself- a real one this time. I lost 65 pounds, fought for time with my little girl and learned how to be a daddy, found an amazing woman via an online dating sight who happened to have loads of friends who are spectacular, nerdy people.

Today, I'm healthier, happier and more attractive than I've ever been in my life. I just got married (it was epic, Muppet themed affair and I wore a ridiculously tall top hat), I have an fantastic relationship with my little girl (who is the most hilarious person in the world), and as for those dreams I had given up on, I'm actually making real progress on those now. Life is actually fucking grand.

Back to the topic, I really don't know if there is someone for everyone. But I do know that life sometimes your life seems like it's over when it actually hasn't even started yet.
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