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Re: Star Trek Insurrection the Dominion War??

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Well Kahn didn't long for a family.
And Nemesis was a dumb action movie, slaves build a powerfull ship that can defeat the federation starship with ease, the dumb ramming scene, the Scimitar had 70% of shields left.
It's like in WWII the jews get out of the concentration camps and build a huge tank that can take on almost anything the German's have
Dominion War. He was given access because he fought major engagements in the war, I believe 8. He was a General before he came to power, before he freed the Remans. The meat of the story is whether Picard would be this man if he hadn't had his upbringing. Jean-Luc seems to think it's innate, his goodness. And, therefore, he can reach Shinzon. Shinzon is searching for his place in the galaxy. He finds comforts with the Remans, but he's not Reman. That's an old story, but one that's more intelligent than Generations' "I don't want to get old" story. Or "let's dominate the planet in the past" story of First Contact.
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